About Us

Our Vision: Dedicated to enriching lives through the arts, heritage, culture and celebration.
Our Mission: To offer a beautiful, historic, gathering place that is a vibrant part of our diverse community.

About The Acton Town Hall Centre

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Heritage Acton, is a charitable organization made up of volunteers interested in preserving Acton’s history, through the restoration of the Acton Town Hall Centre.  Our mission is to offer a beautiful, historic gathering place that is a vibrant part of our diverse community.

We welcome new members and are always looking for people who can share their time, talents and vision.  If you are interested in finding out more, or in becoming an occasional or regular volunteer, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.We recognize that everyone brings something special to the committee. 
We are a registered charity.

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Heritage Acton Executives

Lloyd McIntyre, Chair
Greg Georgeff, Vice Chair
Mary Querques, Treasurer
Liz Bailey, Secretary
Kathleen Dills, Events

Volunteer Board Members

Shelagh Bailey
Evelyn Bedard
Stella Brunelle
George Elliott
George Henderson
Arlene Humphreys
Norman Humphreys
Cassandra Job
Betty Ann Kidd
Mary Land
Penny McCabe
Betty McDowell
Anne McIntyre
John Querques
Maureen Ryan
Kathy Sandford
Bill Sandford
Alan Scott

Ted Tyler


Founders of Heritage Acton

Stella Brunnelle
Kay Dills
Alice Duby
George Elliott
Doug Fread
Jake Kuiken
Yvonne Rosenquist
Kathy Sanford
Angela Tyler
Ted Tyler
Tracey Tyler